About NRGS

 Globally Successful

The Novomatic remote gaming system is a comprehensive content provision solution that empowers operators with the ability to introduce Novomatic’s globally successful games to their in-operation platform.
Providing the operator with the vitally important capability to present the perfect game at the perfect time, NRGS opens the door to the most celebrated games and brands from Novomatic’s illustrious library, allowing unrivalled enhancement of the player experience through an optimised game mix. In turn, this creates maximum return on investment through superior revenue generation and maximum retained player loyalty.


Austrian Gaming Industries (AGI)

Novomatic’s Global Resource

In 1996, Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH was established as a 100 percent subsidiary of Novomatic AG, emerging from a consolidation of the research and development departments, the various production divisions, the international distribution organisations and the marketing department of the former Novomatic Industries GmbH.
From the beginning AGI could draw on more than one and a half decades of experience in the industry. Thanks to enormous annual R&D investment, the creative potential of the entire Novomatic Group of Companies, and the highly skilled engineering and development team, AGI quickly rose to become the flagship development company within the entire Novomatic Group and a world market leader in the realm of interactive live games and multiplayer gaming systems.


Astra Games Limited

The NRGS Provider

Astra Games Limited is the Novomatic Group subsidiary responsible for providing NRGS content to legally regulated markets, globally. Astra has a reputation for quality and innovation dating back to 1992. In the autumn of 2004, the UK based company consolidated its position as a major force in the international gaming industry by becoming part of the world-renowned Novomatic Group of Companies. The company pioneered the multiplayer concept, followed by sit-down multiplayers and video multiplayer products. Despite being often imitated, Astra machines and Games remain market leaders.
The twin pillars of Astra’s success are its employees and the strength of its partnerships both in the Uk and overseas.
The Astra team combines experience with youth and enthusiasm. The result is bright new ideas – which work.